About Me

I study economics and international relations at a major American university. I focus on global poverty and methods for economic growth in the developing world, particularly the various nations of Africa. Specifically, I am concerned with the application of capitalist and private-sector principles to effective development strategies, as well as the logistics behind efficient and effective aid programs.

Much of my experience has been academic rather than practical, but this balance has been shifting. I have worked on development projects and research in South America and Africa, and have spent further time traveling through a number of developing world countries which has proved to be just as educational as academia has been.

About This Blog

If nothing else, the persistence of global poverty makes for a very interesting and tenacious problem. Why have billions of people remained embroiled in undesirable living conditions when some areas of the globe have attained a comfortable level of economic empowerment? What can be done to ameliorate this problem, to make sure that everyone has access to basic human necessities and enjoys basic human rights?

This blog serves to add a further voice to the conversation about these questions, with orientation towards how economic growth of the world’s poorest is achievable using the same principles that developed America and much of Western Europe. This idea is based on the truth that people in the developing world do a pretty good job of lifting themselves out of poverty, as long as they get that chance.

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